Senior Citizens’ Tour 2019

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Every year POVVER Ayya Vaikundar Home for Senior Citizens organize a one day tour for all the inmates of the home to different places like temple, beach, park and other entertaining venues. Likewise this year the organization decided to travel towards Madurai Meenakshiamman Temple and two other places along the way. This decision was taken by discussing with all the inmates in the home. The tour was planned on 09.03.2019, Saturday. Two separate vans were pre booked a week before the programme.

All the inmates of POVVER Ayya Vaikundar Home for Senior Citizens who and all able to travel woke up in the early morning and along with them Staff members of Home for Senior Citizens got ready for the tour, the journey started at 5 am. The food arrangement for the inmates who were not participated in the tour was taken care by one of a staff member who stayed with them on that day.

All the passengers were taken to a motel at 8 am for morning tea and we got a temporary shelter at a college campus and we had our breakfast there. We reached Thiruparankundram around 11 o’clock and worshipped Lord Muruga. Next to Thiruparankundram we visited Azhagar Malai Temple which is located 25 kilometers away in a hill. After worshipping the God we travelled down the hill and found a comfortable place for lunch. Lemon rice was prepared earlier in the morning which will be a suitable lunch during travel and doesn’t require any preservatives.

Finally, we reached our destination place Madurai Meenakshiamman Temple. Before entering the temple all the inmates were relaxed themselves by enjoying a tea/coffee with snacks. We all worshipped Meenakshiamman together and staff members and some of the inmates were allowed to go for shopping for 1 to 2 hours. After shopping, we started our return journey, within a particular distance from Madurai; we had our dinner in a comfortable hotel and reached home at midnight. The entire tour programme went successfully like a pilgrimage and the inmates were happy because they enjoyed the tour.

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