Education to All

Education to Children:

Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. Education unfurls wisdom and makes human self-realize, confident and self-reliance. Education is the base on which development of people and their life, culture and national development emerges. Care on health and education starting from childhood is essential. To pursue, we could initiate 2 crèche centres at remote villages. 59 children are taught and fed nutritious food in these crèche centres one at Andiviali and other at Karumpattoor. Each centre is being cared by two community workers. Moral studies of value education are also given. Effective monitoring system is handled to ensure standard teaching, discipline and care. Good rapport with the parents and village people is ensured.

Education to dropouts of school goings:

Nobody should be allowed to remain uneducated. We control the dropout through the members of self Help Group in the particular village. In a particular village children from other states not going to school as their parents work in the Brick Chulaas the elder child serves as the care taker of younger one in the home. We made them correct and put children into school.

Educational kits to poor students:

With the view of helping to the needy poor students POVVER has been giving notebooks and uniforms to students with help of well-wishers. We select deserving students and attach sponsorship with the well-wishers.
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