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POVVER Ayya Vaikunder Home for Senior Citizens

The Government and the voluntary organisations have been undertaking various steps for maintenance of senior citizens. The trouble to the elders is still prevailing. In general, elders are regarded and protected in their homes and society. They don’t need any outside solutions. The vulnerable are belonging to middle class society. They are least regarded by their family members. Their expectation whether rights or rice are not being cared. They don’t hope that they can live peacefully and joyous in these situations. The elders from the poor families do not hold up the love over each other i.e. the parents and the children due to the crisis of economical background. So they are hanging for their basic needs such as food, cloth, shelter, health maintenance and recreation. They are pushed out of their homes. The society has to provide good care, amenities to the last two groups of elders. Until another accommodation with all facilities are not provided the society is abused. Therefore Government, NGOs, and other social well -wishers come forward to organise senior citizen care homes. POVVER run a Home for the senior citizens and 41 such elders are hosted during this year. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment support this programme. District Social Welfare Officers, Officers from Directorate of Social Welfare, Department of Health and Sanitation, District Administration and Agencies assigned by the Ministry are visiting and guiding for the success implementation of this venture. Representative from Research and Development Initiative Private Limited, New Delhi, Students and Professors from colleges and schools, Inner Wheel Club members visited this home.
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